The EcoKiln and other environental friendly building material technology operation need organized training and workable skills that are a necessary prerequisite for optimized operation. Capacity building is key to introducing sustainability within the project design. We build capacities at different levels to ensure the smooth functioning of the units. We design and implement an extensive capacity building programme to create a cadre of skilled personnel who can service and maintain the technology. This includes equipment manufacturers, machine operators, firemen and firing supervisors. The skills are developed through workshops and seminars and pilot kilns are used as training grounds to build up the first cadre of skilled personnel. We train masons to use eco-friendly construction materials and technologies and Entrepreneurs on building understanding and managing technology and the unit. Training organizations and resource agencies are identified to impart the required knowledge and skills, in order to institutionalize the process and enable sustainability even after the end of the programme. Through Training of Trainers (TOT), the skills and capacities of the identified training organisations are also built.