Eco Kiln Technology

The EcoKiln technology is based on vertical shaft brick kiln principles and is one of the most energy efficient technology available in the world for fired clay...

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Eco Cement

The Eco Cement technology is a ternary blended cement aimed at reducing the clinker content. It uses a pre-determined blend of calcined china clay, limestone an...

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Eco Concrete

The Eco Concrete technology is based on the use of waste materials to produce a good quality structural and non-structural product. The products developed are i...

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Eco Fuel

The Eco Fuel technology is based on reuse of carbonaceous wastes into useful fuels. These fuels are developed in various shapes and sizes and can be used for do...

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Our Mission

To contribute to Malawi’s low carbon growth through energy efficient and cleaner building material production systems.

We think differently about how to solve

The benefits of the ECO-KILN technology are enormous. Environmentally: energy consumption and CO2 emissions reduced by as much as 85%. Along with many other harmful gases and particles. Socially: workers can expect job security, ongoing skills development and improved health and safety conditions.

Locally available materials

Malawi is a land of treasures. Its famous lake is of home of fish species that only live here; its beautiful and divers landscapes attract tourists from all over the world. But what merited it the name “the warm heart of Africa” is its biggest treasure – its people. However it is the rapid growth of this population that puts an enormous pressure on the environment and on the building industry. At the current rate of population growth the construction of 120,000 new houses annually is needed to

Commitment to Diversity

The Eco-Kiln technology emerged as far back as the 1970-ties in rural China from where it spread in the late 1990-ties – backed by TARA’s technical support – over various Asian countries such as Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam and in 2009 to South Africa.

Energy Efficiency

Realising the challenges but also the great opportunities in the brick sector the Malawian enterprise Eco-Matters decided to invest in a brick production plant and realised in collaboration with the Indian Society for Technology & Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) an Eco-Kiln in Lilongwe using the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln technology.